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Our expertise



  • Trainers - OLEUM trainers are specialists in each field, with many years  experience in refining operations, chemistry, maintenance, inspection and safety, and with technical expertise supplemented by pedagogical expertise. Certified trainers (by the Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle), they create and deliver educational, theoretical and practical content, in a dynamic and innovative manner, with a growing utilization of digital tools.



  • Technical support - Each site relies on operating professionals whose mission is to maintain, operate and develop the training courses, developing a real learning experience and a proving ground for trainees for practical hands on training. 
  • Logistics - From their arrival at the training center up until  their departure, the learner is immersed in a setting that promotes and optimized learning experience: reception, breakout areas, eating space, PPE management, etc. A transport, hotel and restaurant service can also be offered upon request. 
  • A quality approach - Reinforced by the status of Corporate CFA, the OLEUM centers maintain a Quality approach aimed at the satisfaction of its trainees, involving a process of continuous improvement implemented within the teams.