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Our training workshop


What better way to capture the attention of the learners than by hands on training on the field workshops offered by the OLEUM training centers. In optimal safety conditions, the repetition of on site field actions allows consolidation of the trainees learning outcomes as well as an immediate structured feedback on their performance, a real asset in terms of active learning

Storage tank workshop

A floating roof storage tank has been adapted to accommodate this training course.

The storage tank, adapted for training purposes, allows easy operations and supervision of the training exercises inside, outside and on the floating roof the tank. Discovering all tank farm facilities, combined with exercises on the protective equipment, makes this training a must for all tank farm operators...

Mechanical workshop

Areas with several types of rotating equipment are developed, to allow the trainees to discover internal parts and perform disassembling and assembling exercises.


A variety of rotating equipment is on display, to easily identify the internal parts in their operating condition.


Trainees can carry out maintenance activities such as: perform alignments, mechanical seal replacements and coupling assemblies.

Maintenance areas

The maintenance areas are developed to perform the following training activities:

  • Scaffolding
  • Piping and equipment insulation
  • Rotating equipment maintenance
  • Heat exchanger bundle pulling and assembly
  • Fired heater maintenance
  • Column internal assembly  
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Valve maintenance
  • Piping erection and flange assembly
  • Handling and lifting operations

Main Control Room

In a dedicated control room, the trainees will conduct operational activities and gain experience in communication skills, between the control room and the field.

This training covers; 

  • Monitoring process parameters and alarms
  • Navigation through the process graphics
  • Analyze discrepancies between field measurements and process control & protection systems
  • Switch controllers from manual to automatic, cascade and use advanced control systems
  • Experience Operations & maintenance interfaces
  • Experience shift team coordination and shift hand-over

Electrical substation 

The substation houses low-voltage switchboards, high-voltage switchgears, transformers and a simulator. The industry scale substation, powered with only 48V, is adapted to conduct practical workshops and gives trainees the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to deal with electrical hazards and the use of specific PPE.
  • Perform “real” operations on switchboards and switchgears
  • Manage an electrical grid
  • Conduct trouble shooting and identify the internal parts in their operating condition, on a transformer and switchgears on display.

Instrumentation workshop

The instrumentation workshop is composed of a variety of skids, equipped with standard process instruments, Control & Motor operated valves etc… in order to train operations and maintenance staff.

 The Instrumentation training courses cover:

  • Workshops to conduct exercises and troubleshooting on pressure, flow, temperature and level control systems.
  • Motor operated and control valve exercises: Experience how it works, do positioner calibration and trouble shooting
  • Wiring workshop: Practice the instrumentation standard for wiring between field instruments, junction box, marshalling cabinet and technical Room.
  • Hazardous Area Classification troubleshooting.
  • All the skids are equipped as per industrial standards and trainees will also carry out exercises in the technical room, marshalling cabinet, DCS, HMI cabinet etc.

Analysis Laboratory 

A laboratory is available at OLEUM training center.

The laboratory is equipped to perform tests on different crude oil grades, distillates and chemical products. 

Each trainee can practice tests, calibration tests and use test cards as per company standard.

Virtual Training Experience

Trainees can experience virtual reality devices and tablets during workshops on the dynamic training loops.  This allows them to practice these new tools for line identification and creation of work request in a secured and adapted environment. 

Virtual reality tools are also used to train for high risk interventions.


A simulator is available in a state-of-the-art training classroom. 

The simulator can be used for both panel operator trainees as well as experienced operators in order to improve their skills.

During the workshop, the trainees will be faced with a variety of “upsets” in order to allow them to trouble shoot, implement corrective actions and train for emergency situations.


A firefighting training area is developed to conduct exercises for operators and professional fire fighters.

A variety of workshops are available: 

  • BLEVE simulation
  • Breathing apparatus training and certification
  • Liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fire exercises
  • LNG fire exercises
  • Confined space rescue training
  • Installation of mobile safety equipment, such as water curtains or mobile monitors.

BOSIET platform

The Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Trainings facilities, under the quality-label OPITO, is integrated in the Dunkirk Oleum Site.

The courses include:

  • Helicopter safety and helicopter underwater escape training.
  • Sea survival and first aid
  • Firefighting and self-rescue
  • EBS module

Trainees will receive the OPITO approved BOSIET certificate, valid for 4 years.


A wind turbine area is available at the Dunkirk Oleum site in order to perform maintenance and HSE training.

The re-conditioned wind turbine allows trainees to develop basic skills in a secured environment.

Thus, with our expert trainers and the industry scale pedagogic training facilities, OLEUM deploys oil & gas industry training courses and workshops allowing the acquisition and development of technical skills. Our efficient hands-on and interactive approach guided by former operations and maintenance staff, allows OLEUM to guarantee full satisfaction for the trainees and their organization.